Quick Quotes: Just because I love them.

Note: Unless otherwise credited, all quotes are original.

  • Christians hyper-focused on perfecting themselves are seldom overly Christ-like. Jesus focused on hearing the Father, and pouring Himself out for others.
  • The ‘perfect saint’ is always broken.
  • Jesus came to us, helpless and vulnerable. He left us broken and victorious. We come to Jesus, helpless and vulnerable, and when we embrace His brokenness, He makes us victorious.
  • There is a vast difference between making excuses for people, thereby overlooking their ‘messy’ lives, and extending grace while stepping into their broken worlds. One gives life, one leaves them struggling and hopeless. Jesus chose to step into our ‘messy’ world and embrace us.
  • An agenda is toxic, a ‘why’ is life giving. Choose wisely.
  • Faith requires laying aside our ‘this world’ evidence, and moving into a realm that is more ‘real’ than what we see, hold and touch. In that place we feel more powerfully, we see more clearly, and are held more completely than we will ever be experience in this life. It requires releasing the ‘human controls’ and letting God be God in us. Emmanuel.
  • Contrary to popular religious belief, it is not the struggle that ruins us…. It is the pretences.
  • Grace sees through us, knows our weaknesses, and still lets us rise again and become all that we are created to be. A caterpillar only becomes a butterfly if no one squishes it before it goes through the process of transformation.
  • We all have fears. The difference is how we respond, the power we give it. Some turn and run, leaving behind their dreams and goals. Some surrender to fear, and are consumed by it. Others stand firm, look fear in the eye, and then march forward into the life God has planned, in spite of that fear. How will you respond to fear? Will you master it, and use it to your advantage, or will it master you?
  • When all else fails, true love stands… bold and unbending. Love has the power to breathe life into the dying, restore hope in the hopeless, and awaken courage in the defeated. Jesus is the very essence of love. Love generously, as He loved you.
  • To walk with others through the ‘messy of life’, requires getting off the lid that keeps our own past safely buried. For this reason it is easier to judge another harshly, than to risk entering into their world, for fear our own secrets will be exposed.
  • To be fully known, yet fully loved, is every heart’s desire & it’s the love God offers. To know His love makes our world right.
  • Don’t fear failure. Fear only missing your destiny because you were afraid to fail.
  • Never let your dream die. No matter what. It is in overcoming the obstacles that you prove yourself worthy of the dream.
  • Health tip: Accept yourself as you are but with the intent to grow. Be real. Be consistent. Be honest. It will help prevent ulcers, heart disease and high blood pressure, to name only a few side effects that come from the stress of having to watch over your shoulder.
  • Tell me again…. Why do we make the truth palatable? I would rather be rejected, as Jesus said we would be, than to mislead seekers.
  • What you believe about yourself is far less important than what you believe about God. High regard for Him tranlates into healthy self image
  • Truth does not adjust itself to accomodate our perception of it or our presentation. Truth simply is.
  • If you allow past hurt, betrayal and disappointment to cloud your perspective, your future will never be very bright.
  • True greatness is not found in how many people know us. It is found in the few we impact for eternity and, of the whole world, it is but a few regardless of the number.
  • Who of you, when you give your child a gift, make them work the next year to earn it? Hmmm… No one? That’s awesome! God is just like that!
  • Christians  are real people, doing real life, making real mistakes & committing real sins. Faith in a real God and His grace sets us apart.
  • Do not look to me to be your strength–look through me to Jesus and let His strength carry you.
  • Speak truth over the lies in your life. Again. And again. And again. Be more persistent than the lies–truth will win!
  • The moment you accept yourself for who you are, and understand your worth to God, you will see everyone around you differently!
  • The church should be our launching pad, not our recliner.
  • Maybe it’s true that we can’t miraculously improve negative attitudes but if we focus our minds on healthy thoughts, our attitudes change.
  • We all need a dream! What is life without a dream? It doesn’t have to be glamourous, it just has to be bigger than me.
  • I love when I wake up and realize that God has been watching me sleep. Like a mother delights in her young, He looks on us wtih great affection.
  • I can’t promise that your world won’t crash. But I can promise you that Jesus will meet you in the rubble and protect you, if you let Him.
  • Never stop believing, hoping or dreaming, for, when you do, you have ceased to live, and merely exist.
  • Too many Christians dilute the truth to make it more palatable and, in the process, leave their audiences starved and suffering from malnutrition
  • Leadership is being willing to walk alone in the right direction.
  • A lack of authenticity in leadership will, sooner or later, negatively impact the success of a business, ministry or other organization.
  • God is not the sum total of those who misrepresent Him. He is God and His very essence is goodness, kindness and love. God is Love.
  • If Christianity is going to impact this generation, it will have to look a lot more like Jesus and a lot less like God’s children.
  • It is easier to be angry, than to feel the pain of disappointment or betrayal. Eventually the walls must come down, the raw pain felt and God invited in. That is where healing begins.
  • Some injustices in life are not meant to be understood, or made right, but to deepen our faith in God. Others we are called to fight for tenaciously, relentlessly, passionately. The life-saving key is knowing the difference between the two.
  • There is nothing in the world that can happen, no matter how bad, that it cannot become a force for something good. The choice is ours.
  • The twistings and turnings of life are meant to shape, to refine, and to grow us. They are never there to define who we are, no matter how good or how bad they are. We are defined by Someone, not something.
  • Disappointments have the potential to serve us, or destroy us. If we choose well, they make us stronger, more resilient, more passionate about holding firm to our dreams. If we surrender to them in defeat, our dreams will go to the grave with us. Choose well.
  • If it wasn’t for God, I’d be an atheist.
  • True faith is never really blind. It looks to Someone, not something, to be the answer in a time of need.
  • Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive.  – Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)
  • We are a restless breed, we moderns. Hardest it is to sit still and be attentive to our surroundings. Boredom comes to most of us very quickly.
    – Randy Morgenson
  • It is easy to speak — harder to act; but hardest of all to be. It is what we are that counts. – T. Howard Somervell
© Trudy Metzger 2011
Note: Unless otherwise credited, all quotes are original.

7 thoughts on “Quick Quotes: Just because I love them.

  1. Pat Helder September 21, 2010 / 6:34 pm

    You’ve got that right for sure!!!!!

  2. maryfollowsthelamb March 6, 2012 / 7:20 pm

    I am impressed. Those are really good.

  3. Hellen April 26, 2015 / 7:57 pm

    Great quotes! Could you put them all in a format so they could be pinned to Pinterest or shared as such on Facebook??

    • Trudy Metzger April 26, 2015 / 8:16 pm

      Thank you Hellen! And, yes, I could do that… Just need to find the time. In between writing my next book(s), I am working on a project just like that, but with other quotes and Bible verses about love and relationship with God/Jesus. When that is complete, this is a wonderful project suggestion. Thank you!

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