Daily Grace for the Wounded


Life is overwhelming, from time to time, for victims of sexual abuse and violence, when past memories haunt the mind, or trauma threatens to spill its pain in blood red all over our present. When flashbacks intercept the sweet wonder of a lover’s touch, and run like a thief with a moment blessed by God in marriage, leaving black footprints all over the marriage bed.

Or when the single heart longs for relationship, desiring that friendship of marriage, but fears of past loss invade those desires, and shut down a beautiful heart with lies. Maybe, for another, the desire itself has been covered over with feelings of worthlessness, hate and resentment. Desire, too soon awakened and having robbed little girls of sweet dreams, and little boys of adventures, has fled, leaving them empty with hollow eyes.

Life is overwhelming, from time to time….

Only God’s mercies keep us from being swallowed up, because His compassions never fail us. They are new each day and as fresh and tender as the morning sunlight that carresses the earth each day; Your faithfulness is boundless. Lamentations 3:22-23 (Paraphrased)

~ T ~

© Trudy Metzger

I Love Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. I love this day!  In fact, I love it so much that I almost feel guilty. Why do I feel badly? Because fatherlessness is wreaking havoc in today’s society, destroying hearts and lives. And I and my children enjoy the gift of a ‘present’ father.

Today I want to honour my husband, Tim, a man among men, who has my deepest love and respect.

I have thought of doing this the past few years, but chose not to because Tim is a reserved man who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Occasionally he gets caught in it, because of the ministry God  has called us to, and he winds up on stage speaking to an audience of women. He does this willingly, but even at conferences he much prefers to work in the shadows, always serving, always making certain that I am cared for, that things run smoothly.

In our home, Tim is the anchor. When he walks in the door my world feels complete, safe, peaceful. Our five children know they are loved, that they matter to their Daddy. His steady commitment to his children—who have mostly taken after their mother and are not as quiet and laid back as he is—is something for which I thank God and His patience is unbelievable. (Thank God for that!  I can’t imagine what it would be like if we had me… plus our five outgoing, chatty children—some who like experimenting and living on the edge—and a father with a temper… Let’s just say it would not be good!)

Even our dog—the house dog Tim never really wanted—takes excitement to a new level and follows him about, wagging and sniffing. I can’t say he appreciates it, but she seems to agree that he’s pretty awesome.  (Smart dog!)

I am especially thankful that our children have an amazing Daddy because of my own childhood. In watching Tim, my heart has found healing, as I see the ‘Papa’ heart of God, in Tim’s life. For this I am thankful beyond words.

Today is Father’s Day. I love this day! Still, I feel a bit guilty for loving it so much… for being so blessed… for being so secure in my relationship with Tim and my Heavenly Papa, that I have no fear. Oh, we do real life. We get frustrated, and grumpy. We’re human. But in that humanity, we are truly blessed and we know it. Together we fight to make our life together awesome.

Today, while I celebrate the wonderful man I married, I pray for those who are lost, wounded, lonely, fatherless. For all who want so desperately to be Daddies but cannot, for whatever reason. My prayer is that Papa-God will be your safe place today.

© Trudy Metzger 2012