Children Protected Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Without Scientific Explanation

Has anyone observed that, for once, very young children are the most protected in this COVID-19 crisis? So far,  not one death. Not one. I pray that protection continues.

Study involving children under 9 who fell ill to COVID-19

Children aren’t at great risk, WHO SAYS.

With my work I see the most vulnerable as those in the early years before they (some) can express themselves well or even have words to speak to the atrocities they suffer. This continues into the teens, but is more severe in younger. I see adults brush off their suffering — especially when that child is grown, but even before — as though sexual abuse and domestic violence are nothing more than a mere ‘test from God’ that simply requires ‘forgiveness’ — falsely so called. Religious institutions have done shamefully at protecting them. Let’s be honest about that. Protecting children is too often replaced with ‘trust’ for ‘repentant’ adults and the children remain vulnerable and continue to face abuse. Some, not wanting to go through the experience of being scolded or not cared for, sometimes conclude it is better to lie since ‘no one cares anyway’. If asked whether abuse is continuing, they will say ‘no’, just to avoid that experience. So the parents/adults are happy because the abuse has ‘stopped’ and the abuser is happy because he/she has a good reputation and is restored in the church/community. And the child lives through hell.

It seems no one cares. It seems the children are not protected.

So it makes my heart especially happy that not one child under age 9 has died. Some have fallen ill. At least one has been treated in hospital. But *not one*…. not even one, has died. The children are protected. And I say “Praise God! Praise Jesus!” For once, the littlest ones among us are the most protected. So far doctors and scientists can’t explain it (based on most recent documents I’ve read). I can’t either.

My mind wanders to Matthew 18, where Jesus makes it clear that children are valued and anyone who harms them would be better off tossed in the sea with a millstone about the neck. So, yes, children matter to God. They are not always protected from harm at the hands of evildoers, nor from the impact of disease. But at a time when sexual abuse is coming to light everywhere, and the unborn are being aborted, it is a delight to see children protected. 

My intent is not to make bold prophetic connections, or wax all political or judgemental. If it is judgement, I’ll leave it to God to make His point. (In which case if His anger is anything close to what I imagine, at the neglect of children, this is but the beginning of what is coming). I do not even wish to speculate that this is the case. It could be. Or maybe not. Making bold prophetic proclamations like that is not my role.

My intent is simply to say, “I noticed that the littlest among us are protected the most.” And it makes my heart so happy. Because in my line of work, prioritizing wellbeing of children is too often neglected. That’s all. Nothing more profound or bold than that.

For days I’ve been thinking about this. Privately I have said it. What has kept me from posting is the potential backlash. People may read deeper than what I’m not trying to say, or create their own ‘revelations’ and prophesies as to the why and wherefore of it all and either cheer for me or wish to stone me.  And, while those prophesies and revelations could be interesting, I haven’t the time to manage big conversations. I’m in the middle of my final major assignment, so I pop on FB to check in on a group or two and respond to a message or two, but I don’t spend a lot of time there.

Nonetheless, I am posting these thoughts, and will say in advance that I may or may not agree with analysis of prophetic meaning that are applied. (Which doesn’t mean I’m right and they’re wrong. It simply means I don’t see it). But I am just very happy to see the wellbeing of children so profoundly stated to the baffle of science. 

In closing, “Jesus loves the little children”. In a world that has neglected them, where sin has attacked their little bodies by evildoers, too often in the guise of religion… in that world, Jesus loves the little children. We do well to be reminded of it.

If you have been abused, God has not forgotten you. He has not overlooked the abuse further heaped on you by religious institutions you reached out to for help. He is a God who metes out justice, with mercy for the truly repentant, not based on church membership, or which denomination or strain thereof. He is a God who sees. He sees the abuses you suffer and have suffered… some in His name. And His heart is moved with compassion. He sees you.  And He looks upon you with great affection and compassion. If you are suffering horrendous things, or have in the past, and you have not been heard or loved with compassion in that suffering, know that your suffering breaks His heart. It broke His body too. And always remember…

… He is especially fond of you. 

As always…

~ T ~

This Heavy Millstone

I finally understand the reason many victims choose silence. And those good-hearted souls who would wish to fight on behalf of victims, whether pastors or others. To do anything at all requires unmatched strength and resilience. I am not one to shy away from standing for truth–whether my perception of that truth is accurate or not–but this standing up for victims has required more of a steeled commitment, denying the fears of my heart, than any other thing.

For years (I confess) I have thought critically of those who don’t fight, don’t take a stand. Not the victims, but those who know the truth, or at least an element of it, and do nothing as people are victimized. Especially those who set out, and turn back, suddenly, to silence. I’ve thought especially critically of them.

As of two days ago, I understand. As I tackled the Prairie Bible Institute Abuse Allegations, I discovered a side of standing against abuse I had not previously encountered.

Having connections to some of the victims I felt I needed to show my support for the hell they’ve been through, and write about it. In ‘doing my homework’ and background research I came across names of people recognized. Names I have respected for years. I cannot say that they are guilty of cover up, as I have not yet spoken directly to them and, since they are not listed as involved, I hope (and assume) they would stand for truth. Still, it did something to my heart that I was not prepared for.

I saw this whole thing of standing up for victims, breaking the silence and fighting against the victimization of innocent children from a much harsher perspective. It forced me to contemplate a few questions I had never before considered.

What if I had to stand ‘nose to nose’, if you please, with someone I love dearly, in order to fight for the protection of a child? What if the person or persons covering abuse were those closest to me? What if it meant going through the kind of trauma some of the victims in abuse cases go through, just to be heard? What if I was attacked the way some are? Would I still be willing?

This contemplating is what led me to write yesterday’s post, Allegory of the Silent Woods. That feeling of ‘aloneness’. The uncertainty of the cost. The awareness that one day, I may have to choose between truth and relationships.

I needed to come to that place of commitment that say, ‘If it costs me all that I am and have, I will stand for truth. Not blindly for my perception of it, but with an open heart to hear both sides. A commitment to find truth. And never to abandon a victim, or stop believing their story.’

I understand what it is to be the victim. To be misunderstood. To not be believed. To have a life so scarred and messed up by my own bad choices, later in my teens, that I would not have been considered credible.

I also understand the hell that propels victims down that road. The very victimization that pushes many victims into dark lifestyles, is the victimization they are no long ‘credible’ to testify against. Irony that supersedes all ironies. And a sure defence for many a perpetrator.

I know what it is like to be the victim, and the healing and freedom that is there when someone dares to reach out. Knowing this, because of my own freedom, I asked the hard questions. And when I had asked them all, I made a vow to follow the call of God, no matter the price.

Yes, that level of commitment frightens me. But only enough to make me more determined. As long as God gives me breath, as long as He says, ‘Go’, I will go.

Jesus said:

Matthew 18:6

King James Version (KJV)

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

I cannot help but wonder, how many Christians–leaders in particular–carry millstones about their necks. How many need to repent for apathetic, wilful blindness? Or covering their ears to the cries of the children being raped, abused, violated, while the perpetrators indulge in sexual pleasures.


I dare you to picture it just long enough to motivate you to action… the weeping of a child and the lust of an adult…. An adult who often blocks the memory, or denies it. A child who grows up to struggle sexually, to struggle with identity and suicidal tendencies…. A child who thinks he or she is worth nothing more, and seeks out abuse.

I hear it from the people I meet. They say it, just like that, many of them. I listen. I care. I pray. And then I give it to Jesus, because it is more than any human can carry.

I understand why some turn back. Why they are silent. It’s easier to block the harsh reality, than to face it, head on. But the easy way never changed the world. Never did a positive thing in revolutionizing that which is wrong in the world.  Most importantly, I know this. Jesus would not stand silently by.

What will you do with the truth?

© Trudy Metzger

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