Welcome Clarity! Good-bye Fog!

It wasn’t until I stumbled out of the fog that I realized how tired I was of squinting to find my way. It had been too long, far too long, since I had seen clearly.


There is something about a lack of direction–a lack of clarity and truth– that drains the life and passion right out of the soul, suffocating the spirit. In so many ways life has the ability to slowly lead us into a fog–whether it’s unhealthy manipulative relationships, too many commitments or just the mundane reality of day-to-day living.

It’s as though we wander in and out of the fog as we journey and each time we emerge we are shocked that we didn’t see it develop.  If we stop and evaluate life experience, we realize that even ‘fog’ serves a purpose: It is a reminder to stay focused, be alert and keep a firm grasp on truth–much the way a rope is used in a snow storm–so that nothing and no one can lead us away from our destiny.


As the sunshine of truth casts her rays on the fog, something beautiful happens. The refreshing wonder of light shining over the lifting fog inspires new courage, new hope and a new day!