Generations Unleashed

GenerationsBC(FrontOpt) (2)Generations Unleashed was established in January 2011, and is a Canadian Charity, as of August 23, 2013. (We can finally issue tax receipts for income tax purposes! Yay!!!) We are dedicated to creating awareness surrounding the prevalence of Childhood Sexual Abuse, and helping victims find healing. While we welcome requests from all cultures and venues, our primary passion is creating awareness and offering help to Christian cultures where the topic is, still, in many instances, uncomfortable or taboo altogether. We have a special interest in helping those in closed cultures, who have nowhere to turn, no one to help them, and often feel as if they have no one to understand them.

We are committed to giving victims of sexual abuse a voice, and creating a safe place to find support and healing. We do this through one-on-one sessions, as well as conferences, presentations, seminars, retreats and Sunday morning services.

Our ministry and programs are designed to assist in the healing process, not to replace professional medical care. We strongly encourage our clients to continue with professional care they are already receiving from other professionals, particularly medical doctors and psychologists.

To learn more about our ministry, and read about our programs, please visit Generations Unleashed. If you have questions, or wish to request a speaker, or book a conference with us, please feel free to send an email via our Generations Unleashed “Contact Us” page. We welcome your questions, concerns and feedback.


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