Faith Girls Unleashed

Faith Girls Unleashed is passionate about empowering women to discover personal freedom and the confidence to live their lives purposefully.

Starting in early childhood, life begins stealing our confidence, robbing us of joy and filling our minds with lies. These lies are often the result of emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual and psychological abuse or other factors like socioeconomic status. Other times we believe these lies because no one has told us the truth about our identity, leaving us vulnerable to how society and the media portray beauty and womanhood.

Regardless of what has communicated these lies, they are like chains that hold us in bondage and prevent us from achieving our full potential. They wrap themselves around our thoughts, suffocating hope, purpose and even our desire to live.

What if the lies could be obliterated? What if we could silence the voices in our heads that tell us we will never amount to anything? What if the voices no longer condemned but rather started to encourage, empower and bring hope? What if we could take the very things that threaten to destroy us and use them to propel us into a new and exciting future? What if .…

Join us at a Faith Girls Unleashed Conference, or host one in your area, to discover the key to turning failure into success, oppression into victory and overcoming lies with truth. We believe that every obstacle can become a stepping stone to an amazing future if only we take that first step toward freedom and never look back.

To learn more about our ministry, visit: Faith Girls Unleashed 

© Trudy Metzger 2012

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