34-year-old Justo Smoker Charged in Linda Stoltzfoos Kidnapping

The news this morning that someone had been arrested in the Linda Stoltzfoos missing person case, followed by this update from police, is utterly heartbreaking! I feel a mix of grief for the family and Amish community, and anger at the evil done against them. Especially against Linda.

Please take time to read the update PARADISE MAN CHARGED WITH KIDNAPPING 18-YR-OLD LINDA STOLTZFOOS., and share the photos as requested (below).

“We ask that members of the media and public share and distribute, if possible, the photos of Smoker and his vehicle on broadcasts and reports and via social media channels.” Source: PARADISE MAN CHARGED WITH KIDNAPPING 18-YR-OLD LINDA STOLTZFOOS.

And continue to pray for her family and the community. When such a tragedy is imposed on a community it causes deep collective suffering and loss of safety. May God be near them and comfort their sorrowing hearts. While the article states they believe Linda was harmed, at this point nothing further is stated, so we continue to pray she is found and our hearts long for her safety.

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2 thoughts on “34-year-old Justo Smoker Charged in Linda Stoltzfoos Kidnapping

    • Splsh4Ripls July 12, 2020 / 5:17 pm

      Thank you. I’ve had quite a lot of info sent to me and am contemplating writing a blog about what I’ve learned. I don’t usually – in fact this would be a first – but with so much sent of his story I am giving it some thought.

      As for ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the court of law has to take that stance. We don’t. There are times when there are too many unknowns. This isn’t one of them. He had her in his car. He took her. She disappeared and he played a role. He is guilty of that. The details will hopefully come to light with time.

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