Update: Melody Bannister arrested; Children safe

Six days ago I opened Facebook to numerous messages from a variety of friends, letting me know Melody Bannister had been arrested by the US Marshals. The children were with her in the car when she was found at a gas station in Plainfield Indiana. Rather than retell the story,  and since I have nothing to add, here is a link to the news article: Virginia mother at center of national manhunt arrested in Plainfield; children found safe.


Since her arrest things have been very quiet, apart from a few conversations on a discussion group. Mostly speculations and wonderings… people worried and wondering. No one knows for sure where the children are. The last update I’ve seen on the children is in the news link (shared above) stating they are in DCS custody.

It is difficult to write a blog when there’s so little to say, so little known, yet many people have prayed and continue to, and care deeply for the Bannister children and their mom, Melody.

It is my prayer that truth will be fully brought to light, that the children will have a voice to speak boldly and clearly the truth of their experience. It is also my prayer that they will be fully heard and truth with triumph.

As I said in my earlier blogs, I will say again… I do not know what all the truth is in this story. I am not God. I was not there. It goes without saying that something is very wrong and the children have been through more than any child should go through…. Whatever that trauma is, these children need and deserve to be heard, and their voice honoured.

To that end I will continue to pray and ask you to pray for them as well.


As always…

~ T ~


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2 thoughts on “Update: Melody Bannister arrested; Children safe

  1. Shirley Horst Wilbers March 9, 2020 / 11:54 pm

    Trudy – I realize that you are swamped with many responsibilities at this time. But I just wanted to encourage you especially in light of events that have been happening recently (in the last 2 years) here in the United States. Its been eating at me for months wondering why people who KNOW whats happening are not doing anything to resolve the issues. Tonight I read one of your blogs from way back in 2013 where you explained why you aren’t focused on exposing and getting “those people”. That you are more focused on bringing healing to those who are victims. Reading that blog I realized just how deep the muck is and that it would be almost impossible to “clean it up”. Its definitely changing my perspective and focus. Praying that God will give you strength and add more Aaron’s and Hur’s to join you in your ministry.

    • Splsh4Ripls March 10, 2020 / 12:29 am

      Thank you Shirley. Exposing is, and I expect always will be, a fraction of what I do. It is a necessary part, at times, but well over 90% of survivors do not ask for that. Exposing sheds light and creates opportunity for repentance, and sometimes contributes to the peace of mind of victims. But for victims healing comes from being heard, having their loss and grief acknowledged, being encouraged and in forgiving those who violated them *while keeping boundaries*. (So not cheap forgiveness that is actually not forgiveness but enabling offenders). On these fronts I pray we do better, for the healing of past generations and protection for the coming generations. God help us.

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