!!Critical detail Update on Life Literature & Lamar Nolt!!

In my previous blog I stated that Harold Herr was released from his duties at Life Literature in September 2019. (This is the date I was sent). I also stated I was informed he is scheduled to leave for Haiti to train his replacement. These are Harold Herr’s own words to an immediate family member. (For the remainder of this post, keep in mind that, though unlikely, it is possible Lamar Nolt did not know of Harold’s travel plans).

On a technicality, Lamar Nolt is responding to inquiries with vague statements that Harold is no longer employed by Life Literature. This is accurate, as I stated yesterday, but does not change the fact that Harold was (and as far as we know still is) scheduled to return to Haiti. (Lamar also alleged he does not know anything about Harold “going to Haiti with anyone else or organization”… which, God only knows if that means “I know he is going, but not with anyone or an organization”, or if it means, “I had no knowledge of Harold planning to go to Haiti”. Yet it is known that Harold plans/planned to return, and the reason stated was/is to train a replacement.

Fussing about these technicalities, and using them advantageously, do not speak to noble character and transparency. They reflect the nature of the Jeriah Mast case, mirroring the response at that time. Keep in mind that Harold Herr is on record stating that he informed Lamar Nolt of Jeriah Mast’s crimes years before it was dealt with.

Anyone who cares to make a difference and express concerns over Harold Herr traveling back to Haiti this month to train his replacement can contact Chairman Lamar Nolt at 980-297-9460 or info@lifeliterature.org ” You may wish to specify that you are aware Harold is no longer employed by Life, but you are further aware that Harold was or is scheduled to train his replacement in Haiti. (You may also wish to ask if he had any knowledge of such a planned trip, alone or with someone else, or any trip at all, for any purpose, including the purpose of training his replacement). I have updated the FBI as well on this technicality.

These patterns continues to reveal themselves, and expose the extent of the coverup.

Sometimes a picture says it best.



To everyone messaging Lamar Nolt. I encourage you to ask specifically:

Is it true that Harold Herr is training a replacement staff? If no, was it true at any time in January?

Harold Herr told his own family that he will be leaving for Haiti late January after he gets some finances in order. He also said he will be training a replacement for his position at LIFE Literature. If LIFE (Lamar) had/has no knowledge of this, it begs a few questions:

1. Why does Harold Herr, who is not employed by them, have that kind of authority?

2. Is Harold working for them as a subcontractor?

3. If not the true reason for his trip, then why is Harold really going to Haiti and why did he tell people it was/is to train a staff member for LIFE Literature?

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2 thoughts on “!!Critical detail Update on Life Literature & Lamar Nolt!!

  1. runrunrunandhide January 17, 2020 / 4:51 pm

    I want to know how people in the Conservative Anabaptist world who have multiple connections and usually know a multitude of information suddenly turn into amnesiac hermits when asked something they don’t want to answer.

  2. Glenn D. Miller January 19, 2020 / 8:46 am

    Situations like this bring some things to mind….
    Edmund Burke said….The only thing necessary for evil to Triumph is for good men to do nothing.
    Meditate on that. Let it soak in.
    Read Jer. 1 where the Lord gave Jeremiah instructions to speak, telling him not to be afraid of their faces & again later-not to be dismayed at their faces.
    Most everyone reading this has a story or information that will shed light in dark situations & will help save others from destruction. Share the information- there’s many feeling trapped in situations, not knowing where to turn or who to speak to.
    Or maybe you sense something is not right- as here we can see Harold Herr going to “train somebody” later this month in Haiti?? When Life Literature left him go back in Sept??
    What business does he have in Haiti? Sorry, the timeline (prior blog) didn’t start 45 yrs. ago- it started long before & there’s many that could fill in that time line to show a continuous record of perversions. The recorded timeline begins 45 + yrs ago & these things don’t just quietly stop. There’s much info. to be added from ’04 to present. He knew what Jericho Mast was up to from early on, but due to living his own life of self-gratification among a people defenseless against his wiles…. Harold had trouble speaking up about it -That was very clear when Trudy had Harold recorded saying what he knew about Jeriah months ago. Harold likes Haiti because there is little to no accountability- he is very much freer in that country to satisfy his devilish perversions than he would ever be here in USA. He must be stopped.

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