The Crossroads… (Part 3: The Fraud)

The Crossroads… (Part 3: The Fraud)

Eleanor Rosevelt once said,
“Do what you think in your heart to be right,
for you will be judged for it anyway.”
~ Sent by a friend ~


February 15, the day after I spoke with D’s victim, I received a phone call from a man identifying as a “Deputy Sheriff”, and identified the county with which he was associated. He had led members of the Mennonite community to believe he was a Deputy Sheriff and allegedly used this position for fraudulent activities most of which I am not free to disclose. However, one aspect of that was that he had led certain people to believe D was under investigation. And since they didn’t know yet that he was a fraud, it made perfect sense for those who knew of D’s sexual deviance, and also knew of my work, to recommend him to call me. One Mennonite couple who had known him since childhood or youth, did just that. He called me on February 15 and shared considerable information that first call. But he is not the first officer who has done that, so, while it caught my attention, I concluded it was to show good faith so I would reciprocate.

As we talked throughout the coming days and weeks, he told me story after story. He knew details about D, LOP and the LOP leader S, as well as other people. Lots of people, and a lot of details that were verifiable. S, he said, has a good heart and he trusts him. He said he’s been thinking of calling him and having a conversation with him. I told him I agreed that S had a good heart, but anything related to D, I would suggest holding off because I believe(d) they are too close and S might have blinders on. Furthermore, I knew D had sponsored women to attend LOP seminars (possibly others – men and couples – but I didn’t hear from any that I recall) and was concerned that could potentially cause blindness due to ‘loyalty’. The risk of S running back to D with everything was also concerning to me, and for that reason, I suggested not going to S (This would be confirmed some months later – namely a few days ago – when I shared information with S, and he went to D with it.)

The ensuing twenty day stretch alone would be enough to fill at least one third of a book, if not more. But, to make a long story short, in the next twenty days – which is the time it took for me to push past every question mark and call his Sheriff’s office to find out if the man was legitimately an officer – he strung me line after line. Something was always ‘off’, but I couldn’t place it. March 7 I finally called the Sheriff’s department and asked for the email address of this particular Deputy Sheriff. There was no such person on staff, they said, and after being ‘bumped on up the chain of command’, the Sergeant confirmed that he was not a legitimate acting Deputy Sheriff. He had been deputized, as a special deputy, but it was later revoked the Sergeant said. (Not long after  I was informed that ‘he fell through the cracks.)

And so began another saga.  One that has now been ‘confronted’ and allegedly, (according to law enforcement in that state/county) turned over to the FBI – and I have been given names of confirmed FBI agents to whom I may speak. It is also turned over to another investigation organization (Bureau of Criminal Investigation, I believe the officer called it) because of the conflict of interest to do an internal investigation. This has thrown considerable chaos into this situation because the not-a-Deputy made claims and allegations against D that, unlike what I was dealing with where we had hard evidence and a ‘confession’/admission from D, had no proof and served his own agenda. Thus, his fraud has caused considerable grief and frustration, and muddling through it has been emotionally and mentally exhausting.

This ‘fake cop’ has also given S seemingly valid reason to blow off my concerns – which is why I include it here – because he legitimately believes much of my information is not true. I have excluded all information acquired through this ‘not-an-officer-after-all’ dude. S has repeatedly told me I am being lied to. And I have repeatedly told him  I have copies of documentation from many different people regarding the allegations I have brought forward. If rumours start to fly that my sources are not legit, any reader is welcome to email me and ask questions. I am not afraid of being questioned on the ‘facts’ and am willing to share any evidence that I am given permission to share, and will do my best to respond to reasonable questions. I will not cater to nonsense, attacks, or demeaning comments or requests. I have not chosen this path frivolously.

…To be continued…

Proverbs 31:8
“Open your mouth for those who cannot speak, for the rights of all who are destitute.”

As always…

~ T ~

© Trudy Metzger 2018

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