When We Stop Washing At Pilate’s Basin

When he saw he wasn’t getting anywhere, and feared an uproar in the crowd, Pilate called for a basin of water, and washed his hands declaring, “I am innocent of this man’s blood. He is your responsibility.”

Likewise we have, most of us, stood a long while at Pilate’s basin, washing our dainty hands of things we know need to be dealt with. But the uproar is intimidating, and it’s so much easier to say, “This blood isn’t on my hands; it’s someone else’s responsibility.”

Human nature wants to run from the hard stuff. I know. Because I live with my human nature every day. There were times in my five years of ministry in the arena of sexual abuse and violence, that I have gone ‘job hunting’, looking for some other direction to walk in… other things I could do training or motivation speaking about. And I found them. But always my heart comes back to the echo of countless adult children, crying yesterday’s tears, and many little ones today, weeping a silent grief. And always I am reminded that this is my calling; my responsibility.

And, tempted or not to go stand at that basin, and however longingly I look at the soap and water and towel, I cannot return to that place. And tonight my heart is thankful for others who have walked from it, in particular Boz Tchividjian (Rhymes with Religion) who has taught me much, and Dale & Faith Ingraham (Speaking Truth in Love) who have partnered with us in ministry numerous times at conferences, and whose book ‘Tear Down This Wall of Silence’ is a must read for every pastor and church leader, parent and caregiver. Without these people to turn to, from time to time, I don’t know if I would have made it in ministry. Because that basin is pretty tempting in the hardest of times.

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My prayer is that many of us will continue to band together, to bring to light the ongoing depravity that is sexual abuse in Christian culture. The spiritual carnage left in it’s wake is beyond devastating. And the sad reality is that it will never be fully eliminated, as long as there are people on this planet. But the good news is that there is a growing awareness and effort being made to stop abuse. And for that I thank God.

Because when we stop washing at Pilate’s basin, and we dare to face the looming truth before us, and make the right call, we can make a difference. We will make a difference. And we are making a difference…

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© Trudy Metzger

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