When #Angels Visit #SexualAbuse #Victims

“It’s just your imagination.” … “It’s demonic activity.” … “You’re just making it up.” … These are some of the responses you will potentially hear from religious people, if you have been visited by angels in a place of trauma and pain, and have shared it.

Not all of us have the experience of angels showing up in ways that we see, experience or recognize them cognitively. But some do. Since July of this year I have heard personal testimonies from several young women–women who did not know each other–who have had angelic encounters. One, when she shared it with someone from church, was told it was demonic activity. The other, when she shared it, received affirmation.

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The comfort angels have brought to victims of abuse, in their times of struggle and pain, is a beautiful thing. (I’ve started to pray for angels to visit people in their sleep, in their waking hours and in any time of struggle.) To call it demonic is tragic at best. The Bible tells plenty of stories of angels visiting people, and Jesus speaks to angelic presence particularly in the area of childhood abuse. For someone religious to try and rob a child (or young man/woman) of the beauty of this encounter makes no sense, and has no biblical grounds.

My encouragement to you, if you have been visited by an angel, is to thank God for His comfort, and for creating ‘ministering spirits’ as Hebrews 1 calls them, to watch over you. And Matthew 18:10 says that the angels of a wounded child ‘do always behold the face of God’. This could mean a few different things, and I do not pretend to fully grasp it. But I know that God is light, and all that is in His presences is made light, so angels who are always in God’s presence and face, will bring light into darkness, hope into hopelessness and the love and comfort of God to wounded children.

Hold onto the God of that comfort, and never let anyone take the memory of that encounter from you. And may angels carry you and minister to your spirit as you heal and find hope.

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3 thoughts on “When #Angels Visit #SexualAbuse #Victims

  1. Sam November 5, 2015 / 2:58 am

    I have never been visited by an angel. I have had visions of both Jesus and Father God, though – and each was life changing. In the first one, I saw where Jesus was when I was first abused. He was in my bedroom, kind of up in the corner looking down over the whole room. He saw everything that happened to me and He was weeping. It broke His heart. To know that He was there, and He saw it all – it removed so much shame. The most recent vision was of Daddy God, and He called me His beautiful daughter. I can’t explain how significant that was!! However, someone very close to me told me that they thought this was ‘a familiar spirit’ as referenced in the OT (akin to witchcraft). It devastated me.

  2. Abner Brubaker November 5, 2015 / 12:22 pm

    It is absolutely true that God sends his Angeles to keep charge over us. Although many don’t know or believe that is possible. Therefore there are many unemployed angles. I am endeavoring to be mindful of that fact and call on them to assist in whatever I am needing assistance in. Thank You Trust for the reminder, I will make a note in my mind to be praying that Ministring angles be sent to those that are being abused. I know that it would make all the difference in the world! Just to know God cares. I just recently for the first time in my life sat in the lap of Jesus and he held me and when I looked into his eyes I was completely wrecked! I never experienced so much love in my life. Then he took me to some of the places where I suffered some of my greatest trauma, and for the first time in my life I realized that he was right there holding me,comforting me. It has changed my life.

  3. Parker J November 5, 2015 / 12:37 pm

    The thing about the spiritual realm is that we only have glimpses of it. We’ve been cautioned to not engage in the demonic that any sign of the supernatural automatically freaks us out. Good post that is making me think.

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