Why I Bless & Support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Canada said it loud and clear on Monday, “It’s time for a change!” Led by our now dynamic, charming (almost) Prime Minister, this mantra echoed through our country, with resounding finality on October 19, 2015, leading to a strong majority Liberal government. In his victory speech, his confidence–in spite of fatigue showing in his eyes–and his charismatic ‘presence’ were quite convincing. The energy was contagious, without question. But that’s not why I am choosing to bless and support our new Prime Minister…

Prime Minister Harper made many good and wise choices, and he also made choices that were not good and less wise. It’s a bummer being human. It really is. In spite of his blunders–which I’m sure I would have outdone–there was a fatherliness about him and his tone spoke of wisdom and thoughtfulness. I value those things. But Mr. Harper made some fatal mistakes, and yesterday each Canadian got to decide if the good out-weighed the bad, in their minds. The final consensus was that it did not, and that most would rather invest in a new leader, with new vision, and new passion. But Mr Harper’s mistakes are also not the reason I support our new Prime Minister…

Trudeau has made many promises–some good, some not so good–that he intends to follow through on. Some promises are compassionate-and I do think the man knows something about compassion, and certainly his wife has a very caring heart. The compassionate thing at times comes with huge cost, huge sacrifice. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we are willing and able to pay that price tag. Rahab, the harlot in the Bible, saved the lives of several of Joshua’s men, with compassion that came at huge risk to her. God honoured that compassion and spared her. Sometimes the outcome of compassion is beautiful, sometimes it is deadly. Even so, I’m not sure that we should withhold compassion because it might cost us. However, we should exercise wisdom and discernment. If I borrow $100,000 to buy a home to house a homeless family, I will be applauded, but if I cannot repay and the home is  repossessed, I will be shamed and the family worse off than before. That is something for Canada’s government to consider, because fiscal irresponsibility is important. But fiscal responsibility, or the lack thereof, do not influence whether I will bless and support our new Prime Minister….

In Christian opinion I’ve already seen reference to Sophie Grégoire, and concern over her New Age beliefs, and how they will impact our nation. Let me start by saying that I had already done some reading about her, and have to say, she is an inspiring woman. I don’t agree with her beliefs, and am not going to endorse them, but she is a very inspiring and compassionate woman. Her heart for people, her love and desire for peace and kindness are to be applauded. And, yes, I expect she will have more influence than we are accustomed to from a PM’s wife, by virtue of who she is as a person, along with what her TV personality. She is a captivating speaker, seems gracious and humble rather than arrogant and entitled. So, yes Canada, I think we will see and hear more from Sophie than we have from any other leader’s wife. But a sweet and captivating wife is not the reason I support and bless our new Prime Minister…

For all the promises, and whether Trudeau keeps them or not, and whether it wrecks our country or builds it up, and regardless of what influence Sophie has or doesn’t, and regardless of differing religious beliefs or areas we agree–should there be some–I am committed to blessing and supporting our new PM. And even when or if I do not support the things Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does, I am committed to blessing and supporting him. Because God has commanded us to pray for our leaders and honour them. My decision pretty much starts there…

But there is one more reason I will choose to bless and support him. Words have power. And as believers, our words have even more power, because the name of God is connected to them through our belief in God. So even when our words don’t line up with God, people associate them with God. And God has spoken and given direction on our words. “I have set before you life and death, therefore choose life”… “Life and death are in the power of the tongue”… “Bless and curse not!” … Choose life… choose blessing…

So I will speak words of blessing over Justin Trudeau and our country. I will hope for real change that honours God, and pray for it when I see the opposite happening. I will honour those who are in leadership over me, and trust that God will bring good to us and heal our land. Because I believe He will as we, His people, humble ourselves and repent from our own ways.

And in all that the new Prime Minister sets out to do to bring healing to our land out of his own kindness, and in things like acknowledging the incredible losses among our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, I pray that God moves and touches lives. And I pray that He blesses Justin and Sophie and their children immensely.

…Because God’s blessing and the outcome of it is a powerful thing; something not to be underestimated.

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© Trudy Metzger

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