Mennonite Pastor’s Review of Between 2 Gods

Form your own opinions on both this review and my memoir. Thanks to Tony for investing time into reading Between 2 Gods, and especially for sharing personal thoughts on the book, and the topic. My prayer is that victims will continue to find safe places in churches of all denominations, to tell their stories, to spill their pain, and to find hope and healing.


Between Two Gods: Trudy Harder Metzger

A few months ago, I spent the better part of a night reading this book from cover to cover (if such a thing is really possible with an ebook). I read it for three reasons: first, because the topic of abuse inside of religious communities is a disgrace to the God they claim to serve and is worthy of discussion and correction , secondly, because I’m a big fan of first books -and those who are brave enough to start with autobiography and thirdly, because I am loosely acquainted with the author (having met a grand total of once about 20 years ago if my memory serves me correctly).

It is important to note that this is not a review of Trudy, her ministry or anything other than this book. I’m more than aware that Trudy is one of those people that people love…

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