Confessions from the outer courts

My friend Matt shared his heart in his first blog ever… that thing he vowed never to do, he went and did it. (Way to go Matt! I look forward to reading your heart and your thoughts in the world of black and white!)

fourth cross

I have been pondering for a while the enormity and complexity of the faith in Jesus Christ that I claim. I have been listening to the constant dialogue, the frenzy of blogs, and the fierce and often bloody battles between the different sections of the followers of Jesus. The conservatives, the liberals, the Christian feminists, the real men should wear camouflage and kill things Christians, the “don’t judge ever because judging is like totally not loving Christians”, the “I actually can judge you because I’ve been on a foreign mission Christians”, Jesus was a vegan and hippie Christians, Jesus was an NFL quarterback with a membership in the NRA Christians, I love doctrine Christians; Parents who value military justice  vs. “I have a degree in social work” parents Christians; the list is as long as the 2014 Canadian winter. It was my morbid fascination with watching conflict from the safety…

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