Dandelion Wishes and Childhood

A beautiful blog, by a very lovely, and very young, woman. Yes… sometimes I want a simple dream… This is so beautiful!

simple existence

Sometimes  I just want to be a kid again,

go outside,

pick a dandelion,

and blow their fuzzy white tops into the wind.

I want to make a wish,

lie back on the blanket of green grass

and dream about where all those little seeds might plant themselves.


But I’m not a little kid anymore,

and some of my knowledge has stolen the innocence,

that for so long,

held me in its clutches,

allowing me to…





Now, I hardly have time to blow on puffy clouds of seeds,

if I did blow them, and make a wish,

My wish would be…

Too educated.

Too big.

Too important.

As I would lie back on the grass to dream,

about where the flowers would plant themselves,

I would know that they’re really just weeds,

and that they’ll probably plant themselves,

somewhere where they’re quite unwanted,

and die from poison or…

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