God Never Meant Love To Be Silenced

She Dares to Voice

"Silence Speaks..." by  Girish Suryawanshi (CC BY-ND 2.0)“Silence Speaks…” by Girish Suryawanshi (CC BY-ND 2.0)

“Lord, end the legacy of sexual perversion within my family and begin with me,” I begged of the Lord.

One of my father’s brothers sexually molested and raped me. Some effort was put in place to protect me from this uncle after I spoke up, but my father gave me stringent orders never to speak of this to anyone.

Later my father molested me.

Silence grew to be my new language.

Growing up within the church, I have memories of knowing Jesus died on the cross for my sins and of believing Jesus dwelt within my heart.

From an early age I discovered that hard work and excellence in academics paid great praises, so work and school became my safe places and a false god.

During high school, the stability of my false gods began to lose their appeal.

My parents divorced…

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