So I Skipped Church… Part 2

I had not more than taken that glimpse into young love, when a family happened by. Two energetic teenagers soon climbed up the railway track–or whatever you call the structure holding it up–as mom stood by reminding them to be safe.

I smiled. Boys will be boys. And sometimes girls will be ‘boys’ too… ‘tomboys’… I would have been the first in line to try the shenanigans one day. Too old now, but not too old to remember catapulting from on top of the stable in the barn, as a pre-teen and young teen.


Mom said something about wishing she had brought a camera just as I offered to take some pictures and we stood there, with our cell phones, exchanging emails to make sure we could connect and get the pictures to them. I took a few of them as a couple, and heard a little tidbit of their story. They told me the pictures would make it all the way to Australia, where he was from, as he would definitely want to share them with his family.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI continued on then, to my car, where I sat a while just watching the creatures and the people. An elderly couple, whom I had met on my walk, sat under a tree, resting. (People with their backs turned don’t really count, when it comes to rules about taking pictures…) Though older, he reminded me much of Steve Masterson, and I found myself missing Steve and Jackie who, like Howard and Alice, had a powerful impact on my life, and on Tim’s. They were most delightful conversationalists, and I thought how bitter-sweet it is, to meet people only once and never to really know them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI snapped a shot of the view we shared, then packed up my camera and headed back to Elmira…


Tim–who went to church with our boys–texted and asked if I would pick up a coffee at Tim Hortons. A double-double. As I pulled in, an Old Order gentleman walked out, carrying his tray of coffees. Across the parking lot, two friends waited–one on a buggy, one on a bike. I make exceptions about taking pictures of people where there are horses and/or buggies involved. Or bikes. (Okay… I just made that up, but hey, it works.)


After picking up Tim’s coffee, I did the final jaunt home. Nicole had baked the ‘Potato Flake Sourdough Bread’ that I had put in pans the night before. (An outstanding ‘friendship bread’ type recipe that I was given starter for this week, and we all love. I wish I didn’t… I’d rather stay away from bread.)


My heart was full. I met God in ways and places that are as beautiful as worshipping Him in a traditional church service. I value and believe in the importance of believers gathering together to worship God, as a God-family, but maybe salvation and ‘measuring up’ are not so closely linked to the ‘where and the how’ as we might imagine.

I’m not like the pastor who proudly announced that he never missed church a day in his adult life–not even when his wife had given birth the day before. I’ve missed church when nobody in my life gave birth and nobody was sick… I just played hookie. And not only once. I’ve done it  a few times for no reason at all. Quite a few. And I’ve done it because church was too difficult when hard times caused me to struggle and I didn’t feel safe with people….

And that thought takes me back to the beginning of my little escapade…

Just off of our street, shortly after Barnswallow Street turns to Whipperwill, is the most gorgeous apple tree. I had stopped there on my way out, to capture the apple blossoms. As I contemplated how life, with all of its bumps and scrapes, seems at times to contradict the promises of God, I thought of one of those photos, and that is the extent of my ‘morning sermon’ that I would like to leave with you, in the form of this picture.

God's PromisesGod does not lie. His promises are forever. And, as some of my dreams are coming true, I remember the many times I doubted and struggled. Times I was sure God used me as a pawn in a giant chess game. But always He has carried me through–sometimes kicking and screaming–but always with purpose and destiny.

Wherever you find yourself in your journey with God, and no matter how difficult it is to keep believing in Him and His purposes, hold on to the truth of His promises.

© Trudy Metzger

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5 thoughts on “So I Skipped Church… Part 2

  1. Patty May 27, 2014 / 1:00 pm

    Awesome picture of the apple tree budding and the quote and thoughts there. ( I copied to my email – credits given to Trudy M.) I just so enjoyed your “ramblings ” and heart content. I again felt like I was on a walk with you there. Thank you , thank you…thank you! =)~

  2. Jean May 27, 2014 / 2:41 pm

    I feel so sad for the pastor who has never missed a Sunday service. To be so tied to one way of experiencing and experiencing one’s relationship with God and others to miss the joy of spending time with his wife the day after the birth of their child, breaks my heart. While I have met a few that have gotten to adulthood relatively unbroken, for one in the position of pastor to not have needed time to worship on a Sunday in a setting other than an established congregation is unsettling; for one in that position to not take the time for their self care is disheartening, not only for the pastor, but the pastor’s family and congregation.

  3. Margaret Neufeld May 27, 2014 / 6:30 pm

    Trudy, these last few posts have really blessed me. I’m at such an uncertain time in my life, trying to discern God’s will in a few areas, and a few things you’ve said have really lifted me up. What you said about love being blurred vision, and if our experiences don’t line up with God’s promises, the story isn’t finished. What I have been noticing the last few days is the way God moves and speaks to me in little ways. I’m learning to treasure this, and also to take time to wonder at the beauty around me. And you make me want to come visit your area of Ontario. I may have to make a point to go for a trip to the Mill Race one day and see more of what you’ve shared.

  4. Nancy May 27, 2014 / 7:25 pm

    There is so much of me in this post!

  5. rb May 27, 2014 / 10:09 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing. It makes me feel better for the times I to played hookie from church. In my experience if you were so burdened and no one understood, it felt safer to stay home and worship God from either the hammock, or depending the weather the rocking chair. Thanks again for sharing

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