when is sexual abuse the victim’s fault?

Such ignorance! What kind of a question is that, you ask? Before you send me hate mail, read on and hear me out. I spent today listening to a young girl’s story of abuse, and that is what sparked the title and the absurd question.

She was nine when it started. Nine years old. Not 42. Not fifty. She was nine. Let that sink in for a moment…

Imagine a beautiful little blonde-haired, blue eyed girl in your life. Her eyes sparkle with fun and mischief. She is innocent. At least she was innocent, when you last saw her…. (Continue Reading Here)



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2 thoughts on “when is sexual abuse the victim’s fault?

  1. Bobbi January 14, 2014 / 6:24 am

    Speaking for the men (of which I am not), our current culture is all about NOT harnessing your desires. Men are told in every venue that they should unleash their sexual appetite. Heck, we’ve legalized it with homosexuality. Now I understand those who are predisposed to pedophila are asking for the same rights. And why not? If the straights and gay’s get free reign for their appetites, why not the pedophile? It’s not his fault he feels that way. It’s only a matter of time before the stigma of child rape (not abuse, not molestation – rape) is diluted to “love” and “free expression”. (Yeah, you can guess at my background!). Keep speaking out, Trudy. It might save one child.

  2. Irie January 14, 2014 / 11:15 am

    99.9% of christians have less than no idea how to help a person when it comes to sexual abuse, the church is so uneducated ignored, for the most part have been deceived by the world them selves, no wonder people dont bother to go to the church for help with this matter.a person feelings are not their identity, the christians are the worst exsample when it comes to dealing with people who have been abused sexual, and iam a christian myself, i was raped and abused as well and no im not a female im male, i have made great headway but trust me a pastor or conselor had nothing to do with it, but then again a sin is a sin sexual sin is no worse than judging or gossip, this is were the church has failed,

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