A Cup of Coffee & Persistent Prayer

With my Tassimo coffee disk in place, I popped down the top and pressed the start button. “Unable to read card.”What?? It’s my favourite morning coffee! (And the last disk!) I like it with way too much cream  to be healthy, making it a rich caramel liquid. No sugar, though. That would hate to ruin a perfect cup of coffee. (Now, if it’s a bad coffee, sugar is acceptable.)

Thinking I must have inserted it incorrectly, I lifted the top, adjusted it slightly, and popped it down again.

“Unable to read card,” it said again.

Oh dear! But it’s my favourite morning coffee!! And, though I don’t, because I have zero alcohol in my body, I feel like I have a terrible hangover. I need that coffee this morning. Need it! This is not a want situation here… This is critical for my well-being…

I removed the disk again, wiped everything up, just in case, and tried again. “Unable to read card.”

That’s it! I will win this thing! I walked to the knife block with determination. I grabbed a sharp knife. Took the used disk, that I had just pulled out, cut off the scanner bar, placed it directly on top of the other one. I popped it back in and…


I have me a cup of my favourite morning brew. Mmmm… Mmm… Mmm! The coffee isn’t anything exotic or extravagant. It’s Nabob’s 100% Columbian.  It’s basic. It’s a full flavoured taste that, in my mind competes with nothing else. And to think I’d get ‘can’t read’ on my last disk. The bottom of the barrel. On a morning when I need it most!

Okay… okay… It’s only a cup of coffee… I get that. But have you ever been in that place, in an area in your life, where you have a need, and it’s just beyond reach? You feel like you’re facing the impossible, a mountain, and all you’re asking for is basic, survival kind of stuff.

You’re not asking God to make Abraham’s turf look small compared to yours, your asking for a simple place to live. You’re not looking to find a get-rich-quick scheme, at the expense of people in your life, you’re asking for a job. Maybe you’re asking Him to help you through a trial, a temptation, a financial struggle. Maybe you or a loved one are in a health crisis. You’re reaching out, your crying out, and nothing is happening. You keep getting a sense that you’re doing something wrong, or God is:
a) not hearing you
b) all-out, intentionally neglecting you

I promise you that God has not forgotten you. He doesn’t always provide everything we want or need, in our time, and He doesn’t always do it without effort on our part. Sometimes God expects you to act, to do your part. (I had to get creative for my coffee, you have to apply for that job.)

Most importantly God wants you to see Him, not only as the Provider, but as the Provision. Not only as the Healer, but also the Healing. He doesn’t just want to be the hand, but also the gift. He wants to be your all-in-all, everything you need.

Never give up hope, whatever situation you find yourself in. Pursue, through prayer, fasting. Persist in prayer. Stand firm on God’s promises. Do the legwork He is asking you to do. Whatever it takes, whatever it means, do it. But, no matter what, don’t lose sight of what matters.

… it was only a coffee I wanted. A cup of Nabob’s 100% Columbian coffee… but it was worth persisting. How much more important is it, to persist in the things that really matter?

© Trudy Metzger

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One thought on “A Cup of Coffee & Persistent Prayer

  1. Cara Olsen September 16, 2012 / 12:40 pm

    Hi trudy,

    Like yourself, I implore to have a cup of coffee in the morning — and also like yourself, I add way too much creamer (at least it’s non-fat!) for it to be considered healthy — and should something come in the way of my coffee and I, there is the wrath of Cara to behold. Only after I have that satisfying cup of brew in clasped between my hands am I able to see the depths and lengths I was willing to go to ensure it was mine. Do I uphold the same tenacity in my relationship with Christ? Not always, not even most of the time.

    Lately I have begun to pray a lyric from one of my favorite songs: it’s called :Don’t Stop the Madness, by Tenth Avenue North. I realize that in the midst of my pain and struggle that is where I not only find God, but where I seek Him wholeheartedly!


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