A great ‘loaded’ video clip, a powerful challenge. What breaks your heart? What makes you clench your fist? Are you a new kind of missionary? My mission is to bring healing to the Body of Christ by Breaking Silence and inviting Jesus into the broken hearts and lives who sit in the pews. What’s your passion? What’s your mission field? Are you willing to be a trader?… (optional)


We entered into week two of our Trader projects this past Sunday night.

For those of you who aren’t in the loop on what I’m actually talking about; I suggest you check my previous post based on Surrender Self before reading any further.

As was commissioned last week, the project teams (small groups) selected a purpose: a charity, non-profit, mission, etc. They also selected their officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The project and all the players were put in place to hit the ground running this week!

This past Sunday, the goal was to put some nouns to the project!

That’s right, nouns. The students broke into their small groups, attempting to organize people, places and things into an initial set-up plan. The obvious connections that came out of this phase was locking in on dates and smaller goals to be accomplished, in order to achieve their great project…

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