Discovering & Living Your Purpose

I placed my lawn chair under the shade at my son’s soccer game. Beside me sat a complete stranger, also waiting for team photos to be done and the game to begin. In minutes we engaged in conversation, as women are wont to do, and quickly discovered our sons play on the same team.

Almost immediately she shared her story with me, having not yet introduced ourselves  to each other. She told me about her son’s condition, her previous marriage to an atheist husband, her current marriage to an agnostic, their fights, their struggles and much more.

Suddenly she stopped, looking thoughtfully at me, then continued, “Now you know my story, stranger…. Why am I telling you all this?”

I smiled, and asked, “Maybe because everyone else does too?”

“You’re a magnet.” She reached out her hand and introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Sue.”

I laughed. She was right. I’m a magnet. It happens all the time.

“Too bad you’re not an author,” she said, “you could write about all the stories people tell you!”

“I am…. And I do,” I said with a laugh. Little did she realize how many stories I tell or write about, that have been told to me by perfect strangers.

We continued chatting a while before her 12-yr-old daughter joined us. “Hi! I’m Dana!”

“Hi Dana, nice to meet you!”

Within minutes I knew Dana’s dreams, aspirations, what she likes, and what she doesn’t.  She sang me a song–her voice rich and strong beyond her years–and told me she is planning to compete on a reality TV show. After the song she told me that she isn’t sure she wants a boyfriend and marriage. And then she paused, looked at me, and said, “Why am I telling you this? You’re a stranger!”

Her mom looked at her, “She’s a magnet. Everyone tells her stuff.”

Before we parted ways, Sue asked how to find my writing, so I offered her a business card with my websites and blog address. (And the next time I saw Sue, knowing she would come read the blog, I gave her a ‘heads up’ that I was writing about our meeting.)


Connecting with people at a heart level, listening to their stories, and offering encouragement or ideas, is what I do best and love most. It brings me to life in a way that nothing else ever has.  It took me years to see it and to believe I have something to offer, but when I ‘got it’, I was unleashed.

I would not have thought I could love something more than public speaking—because I love that a lot—but the thrill of one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions are overtaking my love for speaking.

One client, with whom I’ve been meeting for several months, has transformed so completely, I am amazed. Each time we meet, her eyes are a bit brighter and her confidence a little stronger. She is a deep thinker, asks lots of questions—to which I often respond with questions—and goes to the ‘hard places’.  She is a delight!

Each client brings joy into my life as we face fears, build confidence, and establish a sense of direction and purpose. There’s nothing in the world like it! I’m functioning in my gifting, doing what I was created for.

For you, it may be something different. It may be in being a home maker, or a secretary, maybe a farmer or a pilot. Whatever it is, we are all created with unique gifts, talents, and abilities. Discovering and functioning within them makes life more fulfilling, more complete.

I remember a time, some years ago before I discovered my love for speaking, coaching and writing, when I did many things, and did them well, but I always felt I had nothing to offer. Discovering my inner passion changed that. And it all happened through building a relationship with God.

As I got close to the heart of God, and allowed Him to heal me, I discovered that my purpose is closely linked to my passion.  Our destiny is to know God intimately, and out of that ‘knowing’, we discover who we are and whose we are. And when we know God and are secure in our identity, we find deeper purpose in all that we do.

When we see that God believes in us, it gives us courage to believe in His purposes for us,  and empowers us to do and be all that He designed and created us for.

What patterns do you see in your life that could help you find your purpose and passion? Are there things that you love to do, that people frequently say you do well? Do you feel a passion, a desire to do something that feels just beyond your reach?

What if it isn’t beyond reach? What if the key to unlocking this potential in you, lies in the very heart of God and knowing Him intimately is the answer to a fulfilling life?