Upcoming Topics Poll

Hi Friends!

It’s been about a month since I made a commitment to post a blog at least once daily. Guess what? I did it! Several days I even managed to get two out.

I had one reader ask, “Is that all you do all day?!

The answer: “I wish!” But, alas, the rest of my life demands my attention as well. And I really do love it! I am a mother of five, so cooking is a daily responsibility, laundry is almost daily and cleaning… well, that’s teamwork. (And, to my teenagers’ credit, each of them do their own laundry starting at age 14.)

I love ministry, coaching and mentoring and meet with up to 4 clients some days. It is rare to not have an appointment. So, while I playfully say, “I wish”, to blogging full-time, I don’t want to lose the life I love and the people I love in my ‘other real world’.

As I near the end of my Spiritual Abuse Series, I have a list of topics and ‘series’ I want to tackle. Though I’ve never done a ‘poll’ before, thought it would be great to get your feedback on upcoming topics. (I will plan to get to all of them in the next few months, but will allow your greatest interests to influence the order.)


I am passionate about each of these topics and will share from personal life experience, using the Bible as my authority and guide, as well as drawing from other resources available. I would love your thoughts, input, questions and anything you wish to share. For questions that I can’t answer, I will research and go to professionals in my network to get them. (You are welcome to send stories, questions, thoughts and suggestions to “info-at-faithgirlsunleashed.com”)

I look forward to your feedback! And welcome any other topic suggestions!

~ Trudy