God Has My Back

In my previous blog I shared a super cool story about a cheque we received, at Faith Girls Unleashed, from a donor for the unusual amount of $13.71. The uniqueness of the number toyed at my mind, like the dripping of a tap that drives you crazy until either turn it off all the way, or fix it, if that doesn’t work.

Turning it off didn’t work. I told myself it was silly. I lectured myself about the foolishness of trying to find a hidden meaning in nothing. Still, there was this persistent niggling that the number had a deeper meaning.

I tried to be biblical about it first. If it was the first book of the Bible, the third chapter and the seventh verse, then what would the last ‘1’ be? Furthermore, having checked that verse out, it didn’t hold any particular meaning that applied to our ministry. I tried several other searches, but nothing. That was my attempt to turn the tap off.

For about one day I forgot about it. And then it returned. Drip. Drip. Drip. Nagging. Distracting me constantly. There had to be a deeper meaning. I looked at the number again, as a whole. Nothing. Next, I looked at each number on an individual basis: 1. 3. 7. 1.  No real pattern. A three and a seven, sandwiched between two ones. And then it struck me. Numbers have meanings. I did the search and was intrigued by the following combination of number meanings.

1 = One God; God (the Alpha & Omega) the beginning; the only; whole; complete

3 = Time: past, present, future;

7 = full; satisfied; complete; to have enough of; Spiritual Perfection

1 = One God; the only; whole; complete; God (the Alpha & Omega)

Our ministry, at Faith Girls Unleashed, is a faith-based ministry. We invite God into the pain of the past so that we can find healing in our present, and move forward with hope for the future. In Him we are made whole again, complete and fulfilled, regardless of what the past has been.  Always, in all things we bring our experience full circle and our focus back on God.

Pretty cool! An affirming discovery, to be sure!

Could there be another meaning? That as a long as we make God our focus—our beginning and our end—and give Him our past, our present and our future, that He will provide and our ministries needs will be met?

I can’t explain why the significance of this number persisted until I found this fascinating meaning. Was it a message from God, or possibly a message from my friend—maybe even both?

I am encouraged by the reminder that God is interested in my life and that, hidden in an odd number, is the message that He is my Source, my Provider.

God has my back. In Him I am whole and complete—all my needs are met.

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  1. Janet Makkink April 15, 2012 / 4:06 pm

    Just read this, wow, one word…. Awesome…. :0) x

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